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Course Introduction

This diploma course is specially designed to equip the students with a comprehensive set of skills according to market’s high competition, needed to pursue a successful professional career in IT. It includes very demanding advanced Web Skills that may absolutely help to get a job of handsome amount of salary, starting your own business or become a freelancer.

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12 Months


Saturday & Sunday
22:00 – 22:00




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Course Outline

Module I Certificate In Smart Web Designing

  1. Windows 10
  2. Ms Word 2020
  3. Ms Excel 2020

  1. Ms PowerPoint 2020
  2. Internet & Email

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC
  2. Building next Generation Websites(HTML5/CSS3)

  1. Bootstrap for Responsive Websites

  1. Introduction to SEO

E-Project (Website Designing)

Module II Certificate In Web Development

  1. Certificate in Web Development

  1. Fundamentals of JavaScript

  1. Querying with MYSQL

  1. Web Application Development using PHP

  1. Angular JS

  1. WordPress (Content Management System)
  2. E-Project (Website Development)

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Question And Answer

The one who wants to step into IT and want to become IT expert so this diploma course is for them. Beginners or freshers can also get enrolled in this course

Sir Zohaib,Sir Moiz

Since our trainers are through professionals and their fields experts so they train the students practically and according to the required conditions of that particular niche.

Yes, you will be absolutely awarded with a course completion government or Korean computer academy’s certificate.

The Content of the course is well-organized and designed in a way that is hand-on based, about 70-75% of assignments along with supporting theory.

This course will equip the student with one off the most in demand skills of tech that will definitely help them in building a successful career in the growing and lucrative field

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