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Course Introduction

This course is meant to teach the tips and tricks of freelancing in the simplest and effective way. The do's and don'ts are discussed, about which a freelancer must be aware of. Introduction of different types of freelance marketplaces is given in this course.

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4 Months


Saturday & Sunday
16:00 – 18:00




Course Outline

·         Digital Market Trends

·         Facebook Page Creation

·         Message Automation

·         Facebook Ad Boosting

·         Setup an Instagram Account

·         Setup a Quora Account

·         Pinterest: Publish Pin with Suitable Keywords

·         LinkedIn: find jobs on LinkedIn

·         Setup twitter

·         Twitter followers | Comments | Share

·          Social media strategies

·         Trends of social media on freelancer platforms

·         Official Email setup on server

·         Mailchimp Audience

·         Design Email template on mail champ

·         Setup an email marketing Campaign

·        Freelancing

·         Setup a fiver account

·         Keyword theory

·         Identify keywords for gigs

·         Bidding on fiver feature projects

·         Freelancer

·         Freelancer profile creation

·         Find a projects

·         Place a perfect bid

·         Bids and package plan

  • ·         What is blog

    ·         Blogger.com vs WordPress blogs

    ·         Publish blog on blogger/wp,

    ·         Organic vs paid SEO

    ·         SEO market trends

    ·         SEO tools and techniques

    ·         Integrated website with analytics

    ·         Setup google search console

    ·         Setup sitemap index

    ·         Metatags | description | Title

    ·         Article writing techniques

    ·         Backlinks

    ·         Do follow vs no follow

    ·         Speed optimization check

    ·         High risk issues fix techniques 

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Question And Answer

Marketing is more than just getting likes and comments, a proper marketing can take a business from scratch to a well-known or famous brand. So, the one who wants to acquire a skill which is unbeatable then this course will be best for them.

Sir Saif

Since our trainers are through professionals and their fields experts so they train the students practically and according to the required conditions of that particular niche.

Yes, you will be absolutely awarded with a course completion government or Korean computer academy’s certificate.

The Content of the course is well-organized and designed in a way that is hand-on based, about 70-75% of assignments along with supporting theory.

This course will equip the student with one off the most in demand skills of tech that will definitely help them in building a successful career in the growing and lucrative field.

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