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Course Introduction

This course introduces students to basic & advance front-end development by using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript. The course does not require any prior knowledge of HTML or web design. Throughout the course students are introduced to design effective web pages, implementing it by coding, enhancing it with the page layout techniques, text formatting, images, graphics by using XD and multimedia and developing a functional, multi-page website and then hosting its domain.

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6 Months


Saturday & Sunday
17:00 – 19:00




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Course Outline

Windows 10

Class 1:  Environment

Class 2:  Personalize

Class 3:  Desktop Feature

Class 4: Folder & Application

Class 5: Mouse Operation

Class 6: Windows Installation

Information Technology

Class 7: What is computer and Elements of IT.

Class 8: Types of Hardware and Software.

Class 9: Input / Output (I/O) Devices (Peripherals).

Class 10: Printer and its types And Booting and Formatting

Class 11: Binary System Unit and programming Languages.

Class  12: Basic Hardware Essential

MS Word:

Class 1: Home Tab

Class 2: Insert Tab (Pages, Illustration)

Class 3: Insert Tab (Table Options)

Class 4: Insert Tab (Link, Header & Footer, Text and Symbol)

Class 5: Internet & Emailing

Class 6 Design and Layout Tab

Class 7: Reference Tab

Class 8: Review & View Tab


MS Excel:

Class 9: Home Tab & Product Sheet

Class 10: Insert Tab & Attendance Sheet, Border Assignment

Class 11: Page Layout Tab & Sumif Sheet

Class 12: Review Tab, Mark Sheet & Salary Sheet

MS Excel:

Class 1: Data Tab & View Tab

Class 2: Formula Tab & Lookup Sheet

Class 3: Combo Sheet

MS PowerPoint

Class 4: PowerPoint (Slides and Designing)

Class 5: PowerPoint (Transition & Animation Slide Show)

Class 6: Insert Media


Adobe Photoshop

Class 7: Layers & Selections (Draft Board Assignment)

Class 8: Text Tool & Image Correction (Banner Assignment)

Class 9: Shapes & Transform (Website Form Assignment)

Class 10: Cloning & Image Processing (Old Picture Restore Assignment)

Class 11: Pen Tools (Logos)

Class12: Websites Structure & Template


Class 1: Understanding HTML Basic Tags and Indentation

Class 2: Using List & HTML Tables

Class 3: Attributes (Images, Alignment & Font Styling)

Class 4: Hyperlink & Marquee

Class 5: JQuery Slider Animations

Adobe Dreamweaver

Class 6: Understanding Interface

Class 7: Web Template

Final Project

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Question And Answer

The one who wants to learn coding languages, basic to advance web designing and want to become a professional front-end developer.

Sir Moiz

Since our trainers are through professionals and their fields experts so they train the students practically and according to the required conditions of that particular niche

Yes, you will be absolutely awarded with a course completion government or Korean computer academy’s certificate.

The Content of the course is well-organized and designed in a way that is hand-on based, about 70-75% of assignments along with supporting theory.

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