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Course Introduction

Web Engineering is a multifaceted course, consisting of two modules that address all the tools & techniques needed to grab a strong command of web skills. In essence, this course prepares for designing a website by using coding languages and developing a complete and responsive website.

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4 Months


Saturday & Sunday
17:00 – 19:00




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Course Outline

JavaScript logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

JS Introduction

•             What is JS

•             Scripting Languages

•             Types of Script

•             Client / Server Side

•             Advantages of JS

•             Limitations of JavaScript

•             JS Development Tools

JS Syntax

•             Basic Syntax

•             JavaScript Placement in HTML

JS Output

•             Within Body

•             Within Head

•             Within a Separate File

•             Within Terminal

JS Dialog Boxes

•             Alert Box

•             Confirmation Box

•             Prompt Box

JS Comments

•             Single line comments

•             Multi line comments

JS Variables and Data Types

•             JS Variable Scope

JS Operators and Types

•             Arithmetic Operators

•             Comparison Operators

 JavaScript ES5 – ES6

•             Switch Case

JS Loops

•             while Loop

•             do...while Loop

•             For Loop

•             for...in

•             Loop Control (Break / Continue)

JS Functions

•             Built-in Functions

•             JS String

•             JS Math

•             JS Numbers

•             JS Random

•             JavaScript Dates

•             User Define Functions

JS Array

•             Array Properties

•             Array Methods

JS with HTML Form

•             JavaScript Form Validation

•             Validate Empty Text Box

•             Validate Text Length

•             Compare Password

•             Validate Email

JS Errors

•             Try

•             Catch

•             Throw

•             finally


JS Page Redirection

•             Logical (or Relational) Operators

•             Assignment Operators

•             Conditional (or ternary) Operators

JS Control Follow

•             if statement

•             if...else statement

•             if...else if... statement.

JS with Images JS Objects

JS Events

JS Page Printing

PHP Course Outline


·        Introduction to Server-side Programming

·        What is Open Source

·        What is PHP & How it Works

·        Why PHP?

·        PHP Syntax

o   PHP Tags code block

o   PHP Comments

§  Single line Comments

§  Multiline Comments

o   Variables & Data Types

§  Variable types

§  Variable Names Riles of Variable Names

§  Variable Scope

§  Super globules

§  Constants

o   PHP Functions

§  PHP Built-in Functions

§  PHP User Defined Functions

§  PHP Function arguments

§  Passing Arguments

o   PHP Operators

§  Arithmetic Operators

§  Assignment Operators

§  Comparison Operators

§  Increment decrement Operators

§  Logical Operators

o   PHP Conditional Statements

§  If Conditions

§  If else

§  If elseif else

§  Switch statement

o   PHP Loops

§  While

§  Do While

§  For

§  Break & Continue statement

o   PHP Arrays

§  What is an Array?

§  Types of Arrays in PHP

·        Indexed Array

·        Associative Array

·        Multidimensional arrays

·        Array Sorting

·        Length of Arrays

§  PHP Forms Handling

·        Forms validation

·        PHP form required

·        PHP Form Validate email & URL

·        PHP Signup form

·        Login form

·        PHP Form Processing

§  PHP Code Reusability

·        Files Include

·        Require

·        Require Once

§  PHP Session & Cookies

·        Sessions

·        Cookies

§  Sinding Emails With PHP

·        Mail Function

o   PHP Mailer

Basic Python Syntax

·         Basic Syntax Comments

·         String Values, String Methods

·         The format Method, String Operators

·         Numeric Data Types, Conversion Functions

·         Simple Input Method

·         The print Function

Python Fundamentals

·         Installing Python, Environment Variables

·         Executing Python from the Command Line

·         IDLE, Editing Python Files

·         Python Documentation, Getting Help

Language Components

·         Indenting Requirements. The if Statement

·         Operators: Relational Operators, Logical Operators

·         The while Loop, break and continue. The for Loop

Understanding Collections

·         Lists, Tuples Sets Dictionaries

·         Sorting Dictionaries, Copying Collections

Python Functions

·         Defining Your Own Functions, Parameters

·         Function Documentation, Keyword, and Optional

·         Parameters, Passing Collections to a Function

·         Variable Number of Arguments Scope

·         Functions - "First Class Citizens"

Working with Modules

·         Standard Modules - math

·         Standard Modules time

Exceptions Handling

·         Dealing with all kinds of errors with python

Final Project

·         Python Loan Calculator

·         Getting Started with Word Press

o   Introduction to Blog

o   Blogging basics

o   Types of Blogs

o   Why use Word Press

·         Installing Xampp / Wamp

·         Installing WordPress

o   Creating a Database for your Website or Blog

o   Admin / Dashboard Panel basics

·         Configure your WordPress

o   Installing your theme

o   Minor Alteration / Customization of theme

§  Changing the Logo

§  Changing Favicon

§  Theme Colour Setting

o   Writing your first post

o   Updating Profile

o   Adding a Post

o   Using Category and Tags

o   Managing Categories and Tags

o   Changing your writing and reading settings

o   Adding Plugins

§  Page Builder Plugin

§  Slider Plugin

§  Image Gallery Plugin

§  Form Builder

§  Popup

§  Social Media Plugin

o   Adding Plugin Addons

o   Adding Template

§  Theme Template

§  Page Template

§  Section / Block Template

·         Inserting Website Page and deleting Page

o   Inserting Website page content

§  Audio / Video

§  Images

§  Text 

·         Configure Menu Setting

·         Inserting Footer and Setting

·         Backup your Site


·         SEO (Search Engine Optimization

o   Introduction to SEO

o   On Site Optimization

o   Off Site Optimization

SEO facts & Figure

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Question And Answer

A. The one who already knows front-end development or got command on basic languages like HTML/CSS, so this course is only for them to level up as a complete & professional web developer. This is one of the most paying skills on freelancing


Since our trainers are through professionals and their fields experts so they train the students practically and according to the required conditions of that particular niche.

Yes, you will be absolutely awarded with a course completion government or Korean computer academy’s certificate.

The Content of the course is well-organized and designed in a way that is hand-on based, about 70-75% of assignments along with supporting theory.

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